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Permanent cosmetic makeup is an aesthetic procedure similar to tattooing, designed to benefit anyone who wishes to have a natural enhancement to their appearance without the use of makeup. Some of the other names this process is known by include micropigmentation, dermagraphics, or micropigment implantation. It can be used for eyebrows, eyeliner above and below, eyelashes, lip lines, full lip color, scar camouflage, beauty marks, or as an imitation of hair.
Before undergoing any type of elective procedure, you should feel extremely comfortable with the doctor or aesthetician performing the work. Ask to see examples of previous work and be sure the office is clean and sterile.
Many individuals choose to undergo tattooing in its various forms. For some, it is an aesthetic choice or an initiation rite. Some choose permanent makeup as a time saver or because they have physical difficulty applying regular, temporary makeup. For others, tattooing is an adjunct to reconstructive surgery, particularly of the face or breast, to simulate natural pigmentation. People who have lost their eyebrows due to alopecia (a form of hair loss) may choose to have "eyebrows" tattooed on, while people with vitiligo (a lack of pigmentation in areas of the skin) may try tattooing to help camouflage the condition.

You Would Also Benefit from Permanent Makeup if You:
  • Want to save time each day
  • Have sparse, platinum, or half eyebrows
  • Have ultra-sensitive eyes
  • Have sparse lashes
  • Wear contact lenses
  • Have visual impairment or limitations
  • Are allergic to regular cosmetics
  • Have unsteady or arthritic hands
  • Often engage in strenuous activities
  • Want the convenience of make-up that won't smear
  • Are fashion conscious
  • Have to look their best in the professional world
  • Want to always look naturally beautiful
  • Suffer from Alopecia (absence of hair)
  • Have scars resulting from accidents or surgery

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